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Arts & Culture Award Winners

The Depot Foundation Arts and Culture Awards

Arts & Culture Award Winners



In 2000 The Depot Foundation began to honor community members, artists, and others that contribute to local art and historical ventures by celebrating their achievements through an annual Arts & Culture Awards event currently held in October.  Over the last 20 years we have had the privilege to honor many of those who make the Depot and our community more vibrant and creative. We have recognized recipients with the following awards of Lifetime Achievement, Artist Award, Lifetime Artist, Community Enrichment, Historic Preservation, and Initiative Awards.

Do you know someone who has made our community a better place through their contributions to artistic, cultural, historical, or scientific endeavors, The Depot Foundation would like your suggestions. By nominating these under recognized individuals for one of the above awards it will spotlight their commitment to our community and provide the recognition they deserve.

All nominations are due in the office by May 1 each year via the nomination form available. Click here to complete and submit Arts & Culture Nomination form.

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