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Ways to Give & Donor Benefits

Donating to The Depot Foundation enriches our region with arts and culture. There are many ways to give, and our staff would be happy to meet with you to ensure you select the best, most impactful giving option. Please note, as of 07/01/22, the Depot Foundation is now operating under Public Charity Status.

Giving Options

  • Online: To make a secure one-time or reoccurring gift click HERE.
  • Over the phone: Call our offices to make a donation via credit card.
  • By mail: Send a check to: The Depot Foundation, 230 West Superior Street, Suite 400
  • Give a gift of stock or publicly traded securities: Call our office and we will be happy to walk you through the process.
  • Planned giving: Add The Depot Foundation to your will for a meaningful donation that will benefit our Duluth community in perpetuity. Call our office if you’d like to discuss options.  Letter of Intent
  • Real Estate and/or Life Estate, Charitable Lead Trusts, Annuities, Personal & Real Property: Call our office to discuss these options.
  • In-kind donations: Donations to be used in our silent auction and fundraisers are most welcome.

Donor Benefits

  • Permanence: A gift to The Depot Foundation will continue to benefit the regional community with arts and cultural enrichment in perpetuity.
  • Convenience: One gift can address a number of needs and benefit any and all of the arts and cultural organizations housed within the Historic Union Depot.
  • Tax Savings: Donations are exempt from income tax under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code and under similar provisions of the Minnesota Income Tax Act. Donors receive maximum tax advantages for income, capital gains and estate tax purposes.
  • Accountability: The Depot Foundation is accountable to the public and presents an annual report including financial statements prepared by independent auditors.
  • Professional Management: The funds of The Depot Foundation are pooled for investment purposes and managed by a team of professional investment managers.
  • Professional Staff Assistance: The Depot Foundation’s staff works closely with donors to select that best donation option that meets the donor’s individual goals.
  • Multiple Gift Options: The Depot Foundation welcomes gifts of any size. Donors may choose to give to an existing Designated Fund or your gift may be directed to the Depot Foundation’s Unrestricted Endowment with the following types of gifts:– Cash
    – Publicly Traded Securities & Stocks
    – Real Estate and/or Life Estate
    – Personal & Real Property
    – Life Estate Gifts
    – Life Insurance
    – Charitable Remainder Annuity & Unitrust Annuities
    – Charitable Lead Trusts
    – Bequests

The Depot Foundation would like to advise all donors of major gifts to seek legal counsel prior to making a major gift donation. Any gifts may be directed to an existing Designated Fund that will benefit a particular interest or specific organization that is near and dear to your heart, or to the Unrestricted Endowment which enables the foundation to respond to future needs of our grantees.

Donor Recognition

We want to recognize your invaluable contribution! Donors may choose to be recognized in The Depot Foundation’s Fall or Spring Annual Newsletter, on our website, or donors may remain anonymous for the gifts they make.

All donors will receive a letter delivered via United States Postal Service for donations made in cash, check, or credit card information received in The Depot Foundation office or via electronic recognition letter if contributions are made via the website acknowledging their gifts.

More Information on Giving

For more information on any of the gifting options listed above please contact our office directly at 218-279-9913 or email our Development Director, Jason Young at

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