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Arts for All Scholarship Program

The Depot Foundations is thrilled to announce a new scholarship program for youth in our community! The Depot Foundation is committed to investing in the next generation of arts and culture makers, and by doing so, we are also investing in the future of the Depot and the long-term viability of arts and culture in our Northland region.This program will remove all financial barriers for youth in underrepresented Duluth and Northland communities to participate in educational opportunities such as classes, camps and workshops hosted by all Depot organizations including: Minnesota Ballet, Duluth Superior Symphony Orchestra, Duluth Playhouse and Duluth Art Institute.


Scholarships are given year-round on an as-needed basis. There is no deadline to apply. Please fill out the application by clicking on this link: Scholarship Application. For assistance in applying, please call Jessica Peterson at: 218-409-5887 or email:

Thank you to the following organizations whose generous support makes this program possible:
















If you wish to make a contribution to our scholarship program, please contact Development Director Jessica Peterson: or 218-409-5887

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